Loaded with peptides and skin-firming antioxidants, this concealer works as an under-eye brightener. Creates a smooth and gorgeously glowing appearance...and really, concealer just never looked this good on!


Our Philosophy:  Beauty Starts From Within & Beauty Comes From Nature!  

 TimeSeal products are plant-based, bio-compatible, toxin-free, and made of naturally-derived floral elements to stimulate firming, toning, and skin radiating effects that are essential for a healthy skin texture and complexion. 


Packed with antioxidants, we have tested and re-tested every ingredient ensuring the truest age-fighting efficacy. 

 In a focus group of 114 women (39% cigarette smokers), after 4 weeks of use: 

* 94% agreed the concealer made their skin appear more transparent with less skin redness in the areas used.

* 89% agreed they noticed a visible improvement in the evenness of their complexion, saying they were more "fresh looking".

* 89% agreed they noticed a substantial increase in skin hydration around and under the eyes.